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Distributed Energy Resource Cybersecurity Framework

The Distributed Energy Resource Cybersecurity Framework (DER-CF) is a no-cost, interactive web tool that holistically evaluates a facility’s distributed energy resource (DER) cybersecurity posture—or health—and makes customized recommendations.


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Securing Distributed Energy Systems

Securing Distributed Energy Systems with NREL’s DER‑CF

Compared to centralized generation, DERs result in complex, data-driven communications. With DER-CF, facilities can protect their renewable energy assets and help ensure a more secure grid.

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With DER-CF, users can conduct multiple assessments across their organization to benchmark and evaluate cybersecurity posture. After completing the assessment, users can download a customized report outlining their facility’s risks and an improvement plan. Check out an example report.

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Distributed Energy Resource Risk Manager

An automated, user-friendly tool that helps federal sites navigate and implement the National Institute of Standards and Technology Risk Management Framework.

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Distributed Energy Resource Visual Emulator

The DER-CF is being integrated with NREL’s cyber range, an advanced cyber-physical emulation environment that facilitates the real-time validation of cybersecurity strategies on replica energy system networks.