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Learn more about the Distributed Energy Resource Cybersecurity Framework team.

Photo of Tamara Reynolds

Tami Reynolds

Group Manager, Cyber Risk OptimizationTami NREL page

Tami Reynolds is a group manager for NREL's Cyber Risk Optimization Group. She provides technical leadership in building out the Distributed Energy Resources Cybersecurity Framework tool to industry and federal partners. She works closely with partners to develop a deep understanding of applying the Department of Energy Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model and National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework to their renewable and distributed energy systems for the evaluation of cyber and physical security. Reynolds provides leadership in developing the Distributed Energy Resource Risk Manager, an NREL tool that will address the NIST Risk Management Framework with a focus on distributed energy resources. She works closely with chief information officers and chief information security officers of private industry partners to conduct cybersecurity assessments in the electric sector, and she provides support to the U.S. Agency for International Development in developing cybersecurity programs in developing countries.

Photo of Anuj Sanghvi

Anuj Sanghvi

Researcher, Cybersecurity Anuj NREL pag

Anuj Sanghvi brings a professional background and master's degree in electrical engineering with a focus on network security. In developing the DER-CF tool, he helped lead the technical research for DER cybersecurity.

Photo of Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman

Researcher, Cybersecurity Tim NREL pag

Tim Coleman brings software development and management experience with a master's degree in computer science. His interests include distributed application design, virtualization, software defined networking, and cybersecurity. Coleman previously worked in NREL's Commercial Buildings group. He currently supports DER-CF as a developer.

Photo of Ryan Cryar

Ryan Cryar

Researcher, Cybersecurity Ryan NREL pag

Ryan Cryar’s background is in application and backend development. Within security, he specializes in cryptography with a focus on public key infrastructure and connecting energy systems to trust networks. Cryar is the lead developer for the DER-CF and DER-RM applications.

Photo of Shane McFly

Shane McFly

Senior Cybersecurity Researcher, Cybersecurity Science and Simulation Shane NREL pag

Shane McFly’s research interests include cyber-physical systems security, complex system architecture, and cyber range development for cybersecurity research exercises. McFly leads the effort toward integrating the DER-CF with NREL's cyber range.

Photo of Shuva Paul

Shuva Paul

Researcher, Cybersecurity Shuva NREL pag

Shuva Paul’s research interests include collaborative autonomy, computational intelligence, reinforcement learning, game theory, and smart grid security for power transmission and distribution systems. He performs anomaly detection, vulnerability and resilience assessments, and big data analytics.

Photo of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson

Researcher, Cybersecurity Jordan P NREL pag

Jordan Peterson is a cybersecurity researcher focusing on expanding the capabilities of NREL’s cyber range and exploring innovative technologies for the nation’s future grid. He provides support for the integration of the DER-CF into NREL’s cyber range capabilities.

Photo of Chelsea Quilling

Chelsea Quilling

Researcher, Cybersecurity Jordan S NREL pag

Chelsea Quilling’s work focuses on the policy and practice of cybersecurity in NREL's Energy Security and Resilience Center. She brings her background in policy analysis, data privacy, and cyber risk management, to support NREL’s work on the DER-CF and DER-RM.

Photo of Jordan Smart

Jordan Smart

Researcher, Cybersecurity Anuj NREL pag

Jordan Smart’s education is in computer science, and he has a background in frontend development. He has contributed to the visualization aspect of the DER-CF tool.